AdZ is on a mission to fuel innovation in the in-app advertising industry. Partnered with more than 100 popular apps so far, AdZ is the fastest-growing in-app advertising platform. We believe in turning your dream marketing campaigns into a plan and executing the same with measurable tools to scale the outcomes achieved. We accelerate the lead generation process while increasing visibility online, expanding reach and user base through mobile app marketing techniques, and yielding effective results.


We work with Clients near and far in order to help them Transform the way they run their Generic Marketing Campaigns to Creating Billions of Brand Ambassadors.

Three Pillars

Adzbasket uses Technology & Transparent Process to give Real-time Status of campaigns for our Customers. The 3 I’s are the pillar of every campaign we do:


We believe in innovation. We believe in the change! We see the change as an opportunity, not a threat. We turn innovative ideas into traffic that can be seen on your website once you start working with us.


We have an excellent team of professionals that helps us keep our clients informed about the status of their campaigns. We believe the information given should be straightforward, clear, and transparent.


To inspire is to rule! We inspire the world through our compelling mobile advertising campaigns to rule and be exceptional in the in-app advertising realm.